Setting Course For Linton: Thunderbirds Over Heligoland, 18 April 1945

This painting was presented to the active squadron by the Association on the occasion of the 11th Biennial Reunion, Montreal, 1 Jun 96.

As LCol L. Motiuk (ret'd) acts as emcee, the artist, Don Connolly (left), and G/C C.M. "Cliff" Black, DFC, CD, C de G (ret'd), unveil the painting.

Cliff Black presents the plaque and painting to LCol D. Bourque, accepting on behalf of the active squadron.


This painting currently hangs in Blanchard Hall, Dishforth Building, Trenton.


The painting dipicts one of the last operations No 426 Squadron participated in, a daylight attack on the Heligoland naval base and airfield. Cliff Black was the Squadron Commander at the time, and flew his Halifax in the raid.    

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