Stuttgart Raid: 28-29 January, 1945

This painting was presented to 426 Squadron by Stella Magic, 15 Aug 01, in memory of her companion, S/L C.H. Fyfe*, pilot of Halifax VII NP740/OW "P".

This painting is currently displayed in the Headquarters hall of Dishforth Building, Trenton. Artist: Don Connolly.

Stella Magic unveils the painting with the assistance of LCol L. Motiuk (ret'd).


*S/L Charles Henry Fyfe was B Flight Commander 17 Jan 45 to 24 May 45. He born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, and after the war returned to civilian life there. The other crew members of this bomber were: F/O H.E. Thompson, navigator; F/S C.A. Lafrance, bomb aimer; F/S J. Campbell, wireless operator; Sgt C. Clark, flight engineer; F/S J. Robb, mid-upper gunner; and F/S G. Zelenitsky, rear gunner.

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