426 Squadron Reunion One, April 1976

Members of Training Flight went to England and attended the reunion at Linton-on-Ouse. Shown with BComd CFB Trenton, Col J.C. Henry, and CO 426 Sqn, LCol A.J. Timmins are: Sgt E. Dean, WO A. Marley, Capt C. Fielding, Capt R. McIntosh, Capt G. Swatman, Maj N. Funge, Maj C. Zacharias, WO T. McCormack, Capt F. Fugger, MCpl W. Franklin, WO C. Smith, MCpl J. Robertson and MWO L. Norton. 

LCol A.J. Timmins with handcrafted thunderbird, presented to 426 Sqn by Mr A. Southwell on the occasion of the reunion at Linton-on-Ouse, 29 Apr 76.

The thunderbird carving is displayed with the Squadron's Standard.

This model is a 1/12th scale Hadley Page Halifax B MK III, as flown by 426, as "A Tribute To Those Who Flew". Designed and hand built by Mr B. Tollerton in his garden shed only a mile from Linton airfield. It took four years of his leisure time to complete, with its associated equipment.

CC130 326 was the transportation for the reunion. Here it sits at Linton airfield beside a Lancaster.

Lancaster PA 474, last airworthy Lanc in the RAF. It was flown by S/L Jackson during the reunion.