The Millennium Totem Pole

At the July 98 Squadron Association Reunion, the whole assembly voted to buy a new totem pole for the active squadron. Hugh Filleul was mandated to look for a carver. Official word Sep 99 was that the Association had the funds for the totem itself, but not the base. In Jan 00, carver Bill Cunley was hired. Larry Motiuk approached the Millennium Bureau to pay for the base and they agreed. The plaque was made from salvaged airframe of Halifax LW682/OW “M”.

15 Aug 2000 the new totem pole was dedicated in the presence of government representatives, dignitaries of the Millennium Bureau, Association members and active squadron members. It has stood watch over all who enter the front doors of Dishforth Building since, and will have a place of honour at the new building.

LCol L. Motiuk (ret'd) speaks on behalf of the Association.

Base Padre addresses the crowd.

LCol J.P.M. Fortin, 426 Sqn CO, addresses the crowd.