Dishforth Bldg.'s Totem Pole '82

Several squadron members were aware of a totem pole that was located in a yard on Wallbridge Road and had been there since 1952. The owner, John Ward, was approached and he agreed to let the squadron have it. The 16 foot totem pole was of solid pine and needed repair.


After several months of recarving and painting the totem pole was ready.


LCol W. Watt, CO 426 Sqn, and Col K.C. Simonson, CFB Trenton Base Commander, unveil the plaque.

In the spring of 97 a squirrel set up residence in the totem pole, and it was discovered that the top half was badly rotted. The SCWO, Chief Camire, mentioned it to Larry Motiuk, and he put forward a proposal in the Thunderbird newsletter that the Association membership replace the totem pole. Then, on Remembrance Day 97, a windstorm tore the wings off the totem pole and deposited them in the tree behind.


Squadron volunteers brought down the old totem, the top of which disintegrated upon hitting the sidewalk (the squirrel fled to safer ground).

Epilogue; At the July 98 Association Reunion the entire assembly voted to buy a new Totem pole for the squadron. That, however, is another story....