Heritage Paintings

In this section we display a military aviation art gallery. All the paintings are 426 Squadron related, and hang throughout Dishforth Building at 8 Wing, Trenton. Most of the paintings are by Don Connolly, a professional artist, who served with 426 Squadron as a navigator during the Korean War and is a long time Association member. Other artists are featured to a lesser degree. The Association has acquired much of the art over the years, and presented it to the active squadron at various reunions and events. Each painting has a synopsis, and some historical facts of interest. The list follows a sequential order matching the eras the Thunderbirds have progressed through over the decades of service. It is befitting, therefore, that here we feature a montage of all the aircraft.

"Thunderbird Flypast"

This painting was presented by S/L D. Connolly (ret'd) and LCol L. Motiuk (ret'd) on behalf of the Association, 15 Aug 2002, commemorating the 60th Anniverary of 426 Squadrons formation. The Wellington bomber is centred, and takes the lead, being the aircraft the unit started with.

This painting is displayed between the entrances of the staff and student canteens, Dishforth Building, Trenton.


Don Connolly presents his painting, accepting on behalf of 426 Squadron is LCol J.R. Anderson.